Sometimes our players notices some suspicious player behavior, and they would like to have the support looking into these individuals, this is what to keep in mind when you would like to report someone in Armed Heist.

For reports, please be sure that you can give us a detailed description of what the player is suspicious for, screenshots and videos are optional, but highly recommended.

Players may report the following:

  • Suspicious behavior in Co-Op heists / Multiplayer. (may include, not being damaged and/or irregular movement)
  • Suspicious win percentage (played matches above 2000 and still have above 98% win rate).
  • Suspiciously high leveled player, with less than 100 missions played in total.

Players do not need to report the following:

  • Unimaginable earning of cash for the Leaderboard (We're already handling these type of issues daily in case they would appear).