Do you experience slow-paced action and graphical spikes that causes problems in Armed heist?

Follow the steps below in order to access our graphics menu:

  1. Press on the Cog in the main screen to get to our SETTINGS menu
    (cog is found in the upper-right corner of the main screen)
  2. In the new window, press on the GRAPHICS SETTINGS tab found on the right side.
  3. In the tab you may have multiple options, but by default you'll have either LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH selected for your device.
  4. Select one of the LOWER video qualities in the list in case you are experiencing low FPS in Armed Heist.

NOTE: There's also an option for CUSTOM (not available on all devices), in the CUSTOM option you'll be able to setup settings such as:

  • Resolution [LOW / HIGH]
  • Particles quality [ON / OFF] 
  • Color correction [ON / OFF] 
  • Lens flares [ON / OFF]
  • FPS [30 / 60]