We reserve the right to issue bans for any of the accounts that have violated our Terms of Service.
 Any hacker or cheaters will have all of their game features suspended permanently.

Our Terms of Service aren't the lightest read, here's a small general bulletin version to read:

  • Bad behavior (Toxic behavior) in either text or voice chat.
  • Downloaded our game on any other page than the official stores. (App store or Google Play Store)
  • Using any third-party software to try and modify data within our app.
  • Abusing either bugs or issues to gain a major advantage within our app.

Bad or Toxic behavior;
This means that there can be no trying to shock or offend other players, no use of hateful or abusive language, nothing sexual, and no bringing up political or religious topics that are sure to bring out strong emotions from individuals. While all of these things may have a place in other parts of society, our games is not the place for it.

Download, Third-party software or Abuse useage;
There are many ways for us to detect if players are breaking rules to gain any unfair advantage in the game.

Players that extensively use any issues or bugs within any of our systems to gain advantages than intended for the game. 

There is no legal and/or official software (free or paid) that makes gameplay quicker or easier. We do not transfer the right to sell any in-game resources to third-party companies.