When any accidents occurs and you experience loss of your account, then it is good to know you can re-import your previous profile progression if you have utilized any of the provided services from our list below to save your profile:
  • iOS
    • Apple ID
    • Game Center
  • Android
    • Google Play Store
  • Both platforms
    • Facebook
If you lost of your account progression and have linked it to any our provided services, then follow this step-by-step list:
  1. Make sure you are logged into the SAME correct service account from any of the provided services.
  2. Start Armed heist, in the first Tutorial heist, the Profile window opens first of all; select the same service you've verified in step 1. (Screen is shown in the first picture below)
  3. If saved/logged in correctly; Your previous profile should be re-imported and you end up in the main screen. (Shown in the second picture below)
 Profile screen with Account services
 Correct re-import of progression 
In case your profile is not imported correctly then you'll need to verify the following:
  1. Verify that you are logged into the SAME correct service account as previously. (You may have multiple accounts)
  2. Make sure that you selected the correct service as you've linked to previously.

In case both steps above have been verified and your account still does not re-import, then sadly you must have forgotten to link your previous account and your progression is lost.

We always try our best to make sure players link their progression to any of the services just in case some accidents do happen.