You can use all your basic controls by touching your screen, below you find all the information about the HUD elements.

  1. Move (Default: Left side)
    • Press anywhere on the left side of the screen to move your character around in the game.
      Drag up to move forward, drag down to move backwards, drag left or right to strafe either left or right.

  2. Move your aim (Default: Right side)
    • Drag anywhere, up, down, left and right, on your screen where there are no icons to move your aim in that direction.

  3. Shoot  (Options for Auto-shoot is available)
    • Tap or hold  the "Bullet" icon found on the left side by default to start shooting where you aim.

  4. Aim down sight / zoom
    • Tap the "Crosshair" icon on the right side (default) of the screen to aim down sight and zoom with sniper rifles, while using this your spread of the bullets will be less while shooting.
  5. Reload
    • Press the "ammunition" icon to reload your weapon, ammo count is shown on the left side of your currently equipped weapon, shown in section 6, Orange highlight, right side shows the total ammo left before you are out of ammo.
  6. Switch weapon
    • To switch weapon you'll need to press on the weapon icon that does not currently have an orange highlight, Primary weapona are always shown on the left side and is the standard weapon you start your heist with, on the right side you'll find your Secondary weapon.

  7. Health and Armor bars
    • Position of your Health and Armor, When Health reaches 0, you will be knocked down, in singleplayer you will automatically fail the heist, while in Co-Op you will have 30 seconds to be revived by your teammate before you fail the heist.
      When the Armor reaches 0, you will not gain any damage reduction anymore from your Armor, you will lose plenty more HP from the enemy bullets.

  8. Companion area
    • In the upper left corner you will have your companions HP bars (up to 2), when they hit 0, be sure to revive them to increase your chances of succeeding.
      This excludes Companion in Singleplayer and PvP as they die once they hit 0.
  9. Objective area
    • In the upper right corner you have your current objectives that needs to be completed in order to succeed your Heist.

Example screen:   

You may customize all the circular buttons by going into Settings menu then to the Control tab, press on the green Customize button.
(Weapon area, HP and Armor bars, Objective area and Companion area are not customizable) 

  1. Move button
    • Click on the button you would like to move and drag your button to the position you would like to have.
  2. Scale button
    • Click on the button you would like to scale, then pinch either in- or outwards to scale the button. (Max scale is about 100% of the original size)

Picture below shows the customization screen