Linking your profile through any of our provided services is a great way to make sure you never lose your progression in Armed Heist, we recommend everybody to do this.
What does it mean to Link your profile or save progression?
In Armed Heist there are multiple services provided for you, in order to make sure that if errors do happen, you have all your data saved and will be able to recover it.

In the list below we provide all the different services we provide for each device:
  • iOS - Facebook, Game Center or Apple ID
  • Android - Facebook or Google Play Games

What if I switch from an iOS to an Android device? can I still keep my progression?
Yes you can, this is however only possible IF you connect your profile to the Facebook service, as the Facebook service is the only service that exists on both platforms.

Please remember that the support is unable to recover any lost progression for accounts that are unlinked to any of our provided services.