Diamonds are used for multiple things in Armed Heist, we've structures some bullet points what you can use Diamonds for and where you can find them for free.

Use Diamonds for:
  • Opening Crates
  • Season pass
  • Purchase items
How to get more Diamonds free:
  • Daily rewards [Second slot]
  • Surprise Gifts
  • Rewarded ads [Found in the main screen]
  • Leaderboard reward (Certain reward tiers, rewarded once / week)
  • Organization Rewards (Up to 260 Diamonds / Week)

Need more Diamonds?

Tap the Diamond icon in the top right corner your Diamonds balance, then choose the amount you want to buy through our In-App Purchases.
Page tip: If you haven't done any purchase before, then your first purchase of Diamonds will remove forced ads after Heists.