Hello and welcome to the survival guide 101, with this guide you will learn the basics.
Menus to be aware of:
MainscreenIn the mainscreen you'll have many buttons and information.
  1. Always keep in mind to open your Crates (Located in the lower-middle section), you can collect new crates by completing any Singleplayer or Multiplayer Heist. Opening crates will give you cards for weapons and armor, but also Cash needed to pay for the upgrades.
  2. You will have Red notifications on all buttons that wants to inform you of newly acquired items or something you can collect.
  3. Entering the "Equipment" will show you all your available weapons and armors, here you can also upgrade your loadouts in order to become stronger. (You will also gain XP to level up your character)
  4. Entering the "Challenges" screen will show you all your available challenges to complete for extra rewards, complete these to gain extra cards, crates, cash and Diamonds.

In the "Equipment" sceen you can upgrade weapons and armors. 

Challenges screenThe "Challenges" screen will have Daily gifts and available challenges to complete for extra rewards

When playing Armed Heist it is important to be dynamic and strategic, gather dropped ammo from enemies, take cover and complete the objectives as fast as possible.
Health and Armor:
The Red and the Blue bar in the bottom represents your Health (Red) and Armor (Blue), Health is the most important bar because if it hits 0 you get knocked down and eventually lose the Heist, the blue bar represents your Armor and depending on the armor you use it will reduce damage taken, while protecting portions of the initial damage, if the blue bar runs out, you will start taking full damage!
The red bar will also become Yellow as you take damage, this is temporary damage that will slowly recover if you are in cover and do not continue to take more damage, but maximizing the yellow bar enemies will drastically lower your health fast with their damage no matter of your armor.
Ammunition is dropped by enemies that are taken out, each ammo box picked up will replenish ammo for both your Primary and Secondary weapon.
Cover system:
The Cover system is automatic and there are a lot of cover spots within Armed heist, general rule is; "if it is big enough for the character, you can take cover behind it".
While in cover, enemies will be more cautious to approach you.
Vaulting: For most of the half covers such as Windows, concreate roadblocks and some desks, you can head into cover, and if you continue to move into the object, you character will vault over it.
If you stay in cover for too long without moving around, then the enemies will start throwing Flashbangs and gas granades to force you out of the cover.
There are multiple objectives in Armed heist, and all will be shown with White markers in the HUD of where you need to go, you will also see your current objectives in the upper-right corner of the screen, complete these fast in order to shorten the lenght of the heists.
In order to drill / unjam / Collect valuables you need to see the icon to interact with, press on the icon and your character will line themselves up and start interacting with the objective.
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