In Armed Heist there are only two Organization type setting where players can join an Organization, either letting players join automatically if they meet the level requirements set by the Organization, or the Leader / Co-leader accept your request.

Organization type settings explained:
  • OPEN  [Eligible players will be able to join, as long as they meet the level requirements set by the leaders]
  • INVITE ONLY [Eligible players may send an application to this Organization, the request must then be accepted or rejected by either the Leader or Co-leader of the Organization]
  • CLOSED [The Organization does not accept any requests or members]
NOTE: Leaders of an organization cannot invite players, the players must themselves join or request to join the Organization. Great places to recruit new members is to use either our Official Discord server, or post it on our Armed heist sub-reddit forum.
Page note: Joining an organization is a great way to get additional rewards, as there are weekly rewards a player can collect collectively while in an organization.